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Alabama Aviation Center in Mobile

The Alabama Aviation Center in Mobile (AAC)  is a division of Enterprise State Community College ESCC).  As such we offer not only FAA Airframe and Powerplant certification and Avionics instruction leading to FCC certification, but we also offer courses so a student can earn his Associate of Applied Science Degree.

We are an FAA part 147 school, which means we are under the direct supervision of the Federal Aviation Administration.  They monitor us very closely to make sure we are teaching the skills they note as important to aviation maintenance and also passing the FAA A&P testing for certification.

Alabama Aviation Center in Mobile is in a unique position.  Even though the nation is experiencing a sluggish economy, the aviation community in this area is vibrant and growing.  It truly is one of our strengths.  Our aviation partners include ST Aerospace, Teledyne Continental Motors including both manufacturing and their repair center, Segers Aero Corporation,  EADS including Airbus and CASA, and Petroleum Helicopters International  just to name a few.

This has great implications for our student population. Students can work and get up to two years experience while they are in school. The probability of full time work for our graduates after completing FAA requirements is very high.

One company, ST Aerospace has a student cooperative program where students work after school and on weekends for STA and STA pays for tuition, books, and fees that any other financial assistance will not cover.  The ST Aerospace cooperative program keeps an average of around thirty students working at a time.

The bottom line is:  We train you for good paying positions that are readily available in our local area and throughout the United States.

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